Waterdown Trails

After month’s inside – who’s ready to get out and stretch their legs?

Situated on the edge of the Niagara escarpment, Waterdown is surrounded by breathtaking trails for all types nature enthusiasts. Whether you are looking for a challenge, or just a fun day of exploring with your family, there’s a trail for you.

Here are 5 of our favourite trails near Waterdown.

Smokey Hollow Waterfall

A majestic 10.3 KM trail that features breathtaking waterfalls and mature trees. The trail is well marked and preserved by the Bruce Trail Conservation group. With a variety of twists and turns, hikers rate this trail as moderate.

Dundas Valley Conservation Area

With over 40 KM of pathways to explore, Dundas Valley has 3 main trails;  The Main Loop Trail, The Bruce Trail and The Hamilton To Brantford Rail Trail. Dundas Valley is popular choice for animal lovers – equestrians in particular – as they welcome all of our 4 legged friends, including horses.

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Rockcliffe Trails

A popular spot for mountain bikers, there are over 50km of trails that consists of singletrack and doubletrack paths, ranging from intermediate and to technically challenging.

Borer’s Falls Conservation Area

This stunning conservation area has 5 different trails to choose from. Some will take you through the heart of the conservation area and others will lead you toward more of Waterdown’s stunning waterfalls. Take a closer look at all of the trails, here.

Webster’s Falls

The largest waterfall in the area, Webster’s falls is a popular choice for hikers, nature lovers, and photographers. The picturesque 22 meter Waterfall is iconic and part of the Spencer Gorge/Webster Falls Conservation Area, one of Upper Canada’s earliest industrial communities.

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