10 reasons to sell With Van Geest Group

Initial Consultation

We arrange a meeting at your home and assess how well the home shows in its current state. We then offer recommendations on what can be done to maximize the listing price while concurrently coming up with a strategic and customized marketing plan to attract the right type of buyers.


Van Geest Group only employs the best real-estate focused professional photographers to capture your home in the best possible light. In a world that is so digitally focused, it is essential to make an outstanding first impression online, and we accomplish that through stunning photography.

Custom Video Tours

Agent-hosted video tours are how we reach vast audiences in a customized way. We’ll work together to discover every detail and feature of your home, including the main selling features and the hidden gems/underrated features and showcase them in our marketing efforts. This way, interested buyers will know the exact benefits of your home from anywhere with an internet connection.


We feature all homes on our website, as well. Each listing on our site is an amalgamation of all the methods and media we use, put into one package so homebuyers can easily access all marketing endeavours in one convenient place and view all the unique characteristics of your home.

Digital Marketing & Social Media

Before rolling out a campaign, we take the time to learn as much as we possibly can about your house, your neighbourhood, transit access & commute routes – everything. Using this research, we’re able to determine who the ideal buyer will be, and how we can best utilize our marketing funds to get your home in front of as many potential buyers as possible. Paid digital and social media campaigns allow us to target our advertising not only by demographics but by the personal interests of prospective buyers, captivating more serious prospects.

Open Houses

We love open houses. They’re an excellent way to make your home accessible to the market while building excitement amongst buyers. As we strategically place “open house” signs in the area, we personally invite people from around the neighbourhood as well. The overarching goal is to create a commotion before the showing and increase foot traffic. Why – because we want to make sure each open house is packed and brimming with excitement! This way, prospective buyers will feel more inclined to make an offer and not miss out on an unbelievable, possibly fleeting opportunity.

Print Marketing

Our print material is professionally designed to give it a timeless, elegant look that will attract buyers just by style alone, drawing them in, getting them to want to know more. While most realtors see print as a means to an end, we view it as an artful conception that demands appreciation. It needs to be attractive, inviting even, or it’s just going to be dismissed or thrown away. Once potential buyers are intrigued, then the details of your home will be revealed to them in carefully conceived ways guaranteed to emphasize your home’s most desirable qualities.


We strive to meet new people every day to expand our connections in the GTA and beyond. As soon as a listing goes live, we make sure every contact in our database knows about it and why it’s noteworthy. We also continually keep in touch with our existing clients to gather their feedback and ensure they are satisfied with the services they are receiving.

Our Team

Van Geest Group is comprised of two full-time sales associates, one full-time administrative assistant and one marketing director to ensure your selling process is as smooth as possible. With a smaller team, we are able to offer a more personalized experience as you will genuinely get to know the team that’s working diligently to sell your house at its optimal price. Furthermore, we’re all equally passionate about each aspect related to real estate. As a result, we continuously seek innovative and creative ways to maximize exposure, provide superior customer care, and discover new ways to appropriate technological advancements.


We aim to keep you as acquainted with our marketing efforts as possible, giving you day-to-day updates on endeavors advertising and what we’re doing behind closed doors. From keeping your home accurately appraised in comparison to houses in your neighbourhood to sharing relevant industry news on how the market in your area is performing, we want you to have as much knowledge as possible during each moment of the selling process. And once that “Just Sold “sign goes up, we maintain contact and continuing working vigorously until the day your home closes, the dotted line has been signed, and you’re on your way in starting the next chapter of your life!

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