Doing Your Homework On A New School District

One of the first things we ask our buyers is to list their wants and needs. Most often these lists include the fundamentals such as bedrooms, bathrooms, style and location.  But if you have school-aged children, finding a home within a specific, well-accredited school district can quickly take precedent.

Finding a home and a school that suits your family, but also provides your kids with the learning environment that meets their needs can sometimes be difficult.

Helping our clients find the best of both worlds is important to us, so we make it a priority to ask our clients about school preferences right from the start.

For example, if we have clients looking for a French Immersion program, we will include that in our search criteria.

Even for buyers without kids, schools are often considered an important factor while house hunting. Buying a home in well known school district can add value down the road when it’s time to make your next move. Especially if it is walking distance!

Here are a few tips on how to do your homework on schools while house hunting.


Ask for recommendations

One of the biggest advantages is having a local real estate agent that is an expert in their area – especially if they have kids in the local school system. Lucky for our clients, we are experts in our field, with kids in the school system and families full of teachers that can provide insider information on local schools.

Similarly, if you have friends already in the area talk to them about their experiences, especially if you are hoping to have your kids go to the same school. If that is the case, your agent can easily help you determine catchment boundaries that can further define your home search.

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Use online resources

The internet provides us with a plethora of resources for almost everything. The Fraser Institute offers comparative school rankings for schools across Ontario. They use objective, publicly-available data to rate and rank the schools, such as average scores on state tests provided by provincial education ministries.

We also recommend looking into local Facebook groups, no one can provide better information than those who live, work and play within the community. Although such information can be subjective, it can offer some strong foundational information for you to build your own opinions.

Visit the school in person

While schools don’t typically offer tours, exceptions are often made for those new to the city. We recommend reaching out to schools of interest to see what their policies are, and what they offer for prospective students.

You can also do a drive by, just like residential properties, curb appeal can provide you with a decent idea of how things will look inside.


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