The Dirt On Septic Systems

It isn’t always a glamorous conversation to have with buyers, but for anyone thinking about buying a rural retreat, septic systems should be top of mind. Here are some of the main considerations when it comes to septic systems.

Septic systems;

  • Are used when a property cannot be connected to municipal sewer systems
  • Must be built according to the Ontario Building Code regardless of how the residence will be used 
  • Have to be maintained and should be pumped every 2-5 years (sometimes more)
  • One size does not fit all – the size of your septic tank is based on daily flow & should start with how many bedrooms are (or will be) in your home 
  • Must be built to meet the maximum use possibility of the residence in case the property is sold or there’s a change in use ex: seasonal –> year round
  • Can interfere with building plans: systems are specifically placed and come with strict boundaries surrounding how far they have to be from structures or shorelines
  • Should be pumped BEFORE you sell and the new owners take possession 
  • Can affect landscaping – roots are a major problem with septic tanks, planting anything other than grass can cause issues
  • MUST be serviced by a licensed professional, do not try to DIY. 
  • Are the responsibility of the homeowners – homeowners must contact local governing authorities to acquire the necessary permits associated with the septic installation or repairs

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While not common – some rural properties, especially cottages, aren’t able to accommodate traditional septic systems – so it’s important that you acknowledge the alternatives

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Overall, it is imperative to discuss the topic with your agent and ensure that proper inspections are made if you are looking to buy a property with a septic system – otherwise you could get yourself into a messy situation.

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