“Offer Accepted”–  Two words that have most buyers jumping for joy. But just because your offer has been accepted doesn’t mean that your purchase is 100% secure — even if it is firm. For most buyers, their purchase hinges on their ability to obtain a mortgage, and even with a pre-approval in hand nothing is for certain. In fact, one of the most common reasons for a delayed closing is financing. If you want to ensure smooth sailing, here are 5 things you should avoid doing before your home closes.

1. Avoid Big Purchases

Now is not the time to make big purchases. Mortgage pre-approvals are based on a buyers current level of debt prior to obtaining the new home loan. Any changes to ones debt level can change the outcome of your approval. So while it may be temping to celebrate your new 3 car garage with a new ride, it is best to leave any big purchases until after your home closes.

2. Increase Credit Limits

When you apply for a mortgage, the lender is typically focusing on your debt to income ratio, so anything that puts that ratio at risk could affect your closing. When you apply for an increase in credit, or take out a new credit line, it can be flagged by lenders as a need for extra financial support.

3. Quit Your Job

Your history of job stability and the length of time you’ve spent at your current job are two major factors that are closely reviewed when applying for a mortgage loan.

4. Don’t Be Late On Existing Debt Payments

Paying your bills late can happen to all of us, but during the closing process it should be avoided at all costs. Anything that affects your credit report, like paying bills late, can cause you to lose your mortgage financing.

5. Do Not Close or Open A New Bank Account

Leaving your current bank, no matter how long you’ve been with them, will put the closing on your home in jeopardy. Closing and opening up new bank accounts is a red flag for mortgage lenders. Even if you have good intentions, lenders may think that you’re trying to shuffle funds around or navigate hidden debt that isn’t recorded.